Blooming of Beloit


Our 105-acre fresh cut flower farm is located in Beloit, Wisconsin, 70 miles north of Chicago’s O’Hare airport. Our geographical location allows us to:

  • Cater to the Midwest Industry and beyond
  • Keep the flowers in water all the way from harvest to the store
  • Minimize the cost of freight, which saves on energy and fuel
  • Quickly respond to our customers’ needs

Our proximity to O’Hare Airport and its distribution center enables us to serve the entire country and allows our customers to modify their original order up to a day before delivery to receive freshly harvested products overnight.

Our extensive agricultural education enables us to test and select products (from Beloit and Israel) that keep our industry moving forward. Utilizing our vast experience and vision of the market trends, we added to our offering and enriched the floral lineup.

We grow over 40 different specialty cut flowers, ornamental Berries, foliage, and twigs starting from the end of April through October. Every couple of weeks a different selection becomes available depending on the ripening process. Our products grow outdoors, in tune with Mother Nature, providing an extensive variety of items to choose from, most of the year.

We carefully selected the Sandy Soil in Beloit to place our farm and as the perfect place to grow our unique Blooming of Beloit flowers & Plants. 


In the sandy soil of Beloit naturally the water drain through immediately, keeping the roots healthy and help prevents many roots disease. The weather, amount of water and the sandy soil in Beloit, making it the perfect growing bed for our unique plants, keeping them healthy and beautiful.    


We believe in sustainable agriculture. The entire farm is drip-irrigated from our three deep water wells, and our piping system lies beneath fabric for weed control.
This brings us the following advantages:

  • Minimal use of energy (required only for our cooler and wells, not for growing or heating)
  • Minimal waste of irrigation water (vs. overhead irrigation)
  • Minimal evaporation loss (due to pipes being directly beneath the fabric)
  • Minimal use of herbicides, due to plants being protected by the weed control fabric

We are in a full compliance with the state DNR code to protect our farm landscape by using

ornamental grass/lawn to avoid any erosion.
While we enjoy Nature’s gifts, our spectrum of products changes according to the season:

  • Late spring to early summer we offer blooming trees & blooming bulbs
  • Mid to late summer we offer blooming shrubs, perennials, and ornamental Berries
  • Late summer to fall we offer ornamental berries, foliage, and twigs

When you order with us, you reap the benefits of dealing directly with the grower. We can put together custom-made bunch sizes (following European bunching guidelines) at any cost configuration to meet your marketing needs.

Our Floral Availability chart displays the annual product line for Blooming of Beloit . The information you can find in this chart includes the:

  • Item name, selected by a Floriculture Group
  • Harvest period, estimated start date and duration period
  • Item Image, from our farm archive

Jeanne Wessar


Jeanne is the Farm Manager of Blooming of Beloit and is committed to its success since she joined over 10 years ago.

When she started working for BofB, she worked the fields and was involved in every aspect of the field work, from planting through harvesting, all the way to packaging.

Over the years, Jeanne's horticultural skills, knowledge and experience grew quickly. Combining this expertise with her managerial skills, her passion and being a Beloit native who speaks fluent Spanish, makes her the perfect Farm Manager.

Her passion, commitment and endeavor to learn and grow were, and still are, a strong contributing factor to the success of BofB. 


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