What is DA•SH BOARD™


The DA•SH BOARD™, is a widely used catalog that ensures precise floral-color referencing and matching amongst retailers, wedding and party planners, wholesalers and growers.
The DA•SH BOARD™ helps maximize customer and vendor satisfaction by minimizing color confusion and optimizing fulfillment of orders.

The DA•SH BOARD™ is designed for portability and long-term use. It is lightweight, compact, fully laminated to eliminate water and mechanical damage, and its fastening grommet allows for additional and replacement pages.

How do you order your DA•SH BOARD™ today?

Become a DA•SH BOARD™ owner today, to ensure you are on the same floral-color page as many retailers, party planners, wholesalers and growers, and maximize your customers’ satisfaction.

To get your DA•SH BOARD™, email us now at info@da-sh.com

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